Queens Councilman Throws Support Behind Multi-Billion Dollar Casino Project

In a move that could reshape the landscape of Queens, Councilman Francisco Moya has thrown his weight behind Mets owner Steve Cohen’s ambitious $8 billion plan to erect a sprawling casino complex adjacent to Citi Field.

Francisco Moya Endorses ‘Metropolitan Park’ Casino Plan, Lauding Benefits for Queens

Moya, representing the communities surrounding Flushing Meadow Park and Willets Point, voiced his enthusiastic endorsement of the project, dubbed “Metropolitan Park,” emphasizing its potential benefits for both Queens and New York City, reported The New York City Post. Referring to the proposed gaming center, hotel, and music venue, Moya stated that he believed that the project was in the best interest of both Queens and New York City. 

The councilman’s endorsement marks a significant development for Cohen’s endeavor, which hinges on legislative approval to repurpose the land around Citi Field, currently designated as parkland. 

However, not all political players are aligned with Moya’s stance. State Sen. Jessica Ramos, another key p whose support is crucial for the project’s advancement, remains unconvinced. Ramos, critical of Cohen’s team’s lobbying tactics, has refrained from endorsing the initiative.

Moya, known for his fervent support of development projects, hailed the casino-entertainment complex as an “economic engine” that would attract visitors year-round, enhancing the fan experience for sports enthusia ufa800 sts frequenting Citi Field and the USTA Tennis Center, as well as supporters of the New York City Football Club.

Cohen’s Casino Project Gains Advantage Amid Regulatory Delays and Political Support

Despite uncertainties surrounding regulatory approvals, industry insiders suggest that the delay in awarding new casino licenses in the New York City area until late 2025 could work in Cohen’s favor, affording him more time to consolidate support in Albany. Cohen’s purported amicable relations with Mayor Eric Adams and Gov. Kathy Hochul further bolster his position in the high-stakes casino competition.

Cohen’s project is just one among several ambitious proposals vying for a slice of the lucrative casino market in New York City. Competing ventures include proposals from prominent entities such as The Related Companies, Wynn, SL Green, Caesars, Roc Nation, and Thor Equities, among others, aiming to establish their foothold in strategic locations across the city.

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As the debate over the future of Queens’ landscape intensifies, Moya’s endorsement underscores the complex interplay of politics, economics, and community interests shaping the trajectory of urban development in New York City. Whether Cohen’s vision for Metropolitan Park materializes into a reality remains contingent on navigating a web of regulatory hurdles and securing elusive political backing.