Clarion Gaming and Esports Charts to Launch Betting Calendar

ICE365 will feature a dedicated esports betting calendar in collaboration with Esports Charts from June 28 onward. 

Gauge Esports Betting Impact with ICE365’s New Calendar 

Clarion Gaming has teamed up with esports analytics firm Esports Charts to provide a detailed breakdown of all upcoming esports tournaments. Decentralized esports events are often hard to track unless you are committed, and with no regular seasons in some games to speak of, having a dependable event calendar is handy.

That is precisely why Clarion’s ICE365 has teamed up with Esports Charts establishing a clear-cut and straightforward calendar of esports events that you can bet on. The focus here is on any betting enthusiasts who have discovered competitive video gaming as a viable market or have been vested in the vertical for a long time. 

This solution will allow you to sift through events that have a “significant betting impact” and will offer insight into esports betting. Clarion Gaming head of esports Will Harding said that the company was excited to tie this important alliance, saying:

“We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Esports Charts, a data agency that has been the driving force behind making esports data more transparent and accessible.”

The calendar will have other practical implications as well, and it will provide a detailed breakdown of what each event is about, along with prize pools, overall viewer numbers, total hours watched, and other data that is native to the Esports Charts portal and API. The calendar will also help you gauge the betting value for each event. 

Esports Takes a Step Back Before Resurging Once Again 

ICE365 and Esports Charts’ initiative comes at a time when esports and esports betting is marked by significant growth. Despite the pandemic and cancellation of many events, not least of which the Fortnite World Cup and Dota 2 The International, esports has been growing. 

Blast Premier has used the opportunity to expand its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive coverage to more regions and up the prize pool. Some events, though, did take a hit, including the Overwatch League and Call of Duty League that rely on fans turning up in sold-out stadiums.

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Harding, though, was confident that esports betting is at a pivotal point. “Thanks to our collaboration with Esports Charts, which has also included extensive consultation and conversations with betting operators, we are able to provide essential audience data for all significant esports betting tournaments in a format that the industry wants,” he said. 

He is confident that Esports Charts is the go-to source for anyone interested in esports betting, thanks to the company’s ability to provide important reference metrics. ICE365 and Clarion Gaming are launching a new content site that will be rolling out on June 28. 

Esports Charts was equally thrilled at the opportunity, and founder Ivan Danishevskyi said that it constituted a “major milestone for Esports Charts “to become a trusted data supplier to Clarion ssbet77 Gaming. 

“Providing our esports analytics and big data sets will enable visitors to ICE365 to become more familiar with esports and equip them with the tools that are needed in order to make data-driven business-critical decisions,” Danishevskyi concluded.