Colorado Arrests 2nd Suspect in 500K Black Hawk Casino Heist

The person in question, Juan Gutierrez-Zambrano, 31, was already charged on May 2 with theft of $100,000 to $1 million and his bail has been set at $525,000, according to court documents.

The Man Who Took the Money in the Parking Lot in March

The theft at Monarch Casino, Black Hawk happened on March 12 and was an interesting one as it was bizarre. On the day of the heist – but do not think of it as guns blazing – a cashier, Sabrina Eddy, removed ten bricks of $50,000 each from the casino’s vault and drove away in her minivan.

She was going to St. Anthony’s Hospital in Lakewood where she met with a second suspect. Eddy was quickly apprehended over the theft and questioned over her involvement but she said that a person, introducing themselves as a “casino boss,” had called and requested the speedy delivery of the money lest the casino ends up in a “breach of contract.”

Following her arrest and questioning, Eddy was finally released, but she too faces the same charge of theft of $100,000 to $1 million. Now, the documents indicate that Gutierrez-Zambrano is the second suspect in the case, and he is indeed the person to have received the money at the parking lot in the hospital.

There have been some inconsistencies in the versions Eddy offered as well, and this is precisely why she remains a suspect as well. For one, she insisted that the person was driving a silver Chevrolet Avalanche when she met him in the parking lot.

Evidence and Eddy’s Account Do Not Match

Security footage shows a black Trailblazer instead. Eddy was also subject to a polygraph and the police records show that she finally broke down and offered another account of the story. She was approached by former “associates” of her late husband, who threatened her and her family and said that they would hurt her family if she failed to comply.

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Police tried to retrieve the money by searching Eddy’s home but no money was found there. This is the largest casino heist in the history of the state with a second suspect now facing justice and no clarity as to what happened at least riches777 not publicly available.