Horseshoe Casino Baltimore Visitor Pockets $1M Jackpot

Hardly anything can compare to the thrill and excitement of winning a jackpot. While chances are slim, there are plenty of lucky winners who secure hefty prizes and this is precisely the case of one Horseshoe Casino Baltimore gambler. The property, located in Maryland, is popular as a premium entertainment destination for the region.

Without any doubt, that lucky visitor will never forget Horseshoe Casino Baltimore after securing a $1 million dollar prize last week. The casino confirmed that one guest, whose name wasn’t released, hit the Mega Royal Flush Progressive jackpot.

Hitting the jackpot, the lucky visitor took home the staggering $1,017,041.32 prize, making his visit to the casino location unforgettable. Horseshoe Casino Baltimore congratulated the lucky player. Additionally, it said that it is looking forward to the next jackpot winner.

“We had a VERY lucky winner yesterday. This guest hit our Mega Royal Flush Progressive for ONE MILLION SEVENTEEN THOUSAND FORTY ONE dollars & THIRTY THREE cents. Congratulations to the winner & we can’t wait to see the next big one hit at Horseshoe Casino Baltimore,“

reads a statement released by Horseshoe Baltimore Casino last week

Recently, the premium casino and entertainment location confirmed a generous donation. Back in August, Horseshoe Casino Baltimore donated some $9,658 to Paul’s Place, a nonprofit organization that seeks to improve the quality of life in Southwest Baltimore. At the time, the casino said it supports Paul’s Place’s work and their dedication to improving the quality of life in the state.

Recent Jackpots Bring Excitement

Elsewhere, earlier this week, a lucky woman from Texas played slots at the Harry Reid International Airport. To her surprise, that was her lucky day, considering that she hit the Wheel of Fortune jackpot, granting her a hefty $643,434.31 prize. The Wheel of Fortune game is manufactured by the leading gaming and casino technology supplier, International Game Technology (IGT).

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Without any doubt, IGT’s games are renowned for their quality and life-changing jackpots. Last month alone, Powebucks and Megabucks slot machines brought three life-changing jackpots for lucky visitors. One of the jackpots was hit in British Columbia, Canada by a Powerbucks Arctic Gems player, while a taya365 $3.3 million jackpot was hit in California by a Megabucks Mega Vault player. Earlier in August, a gambler in Las Vegas hit the Megabucks Gold Forge, taking home a staggering $10.2 million jackpot.