NBA Legend Paul Pierce Faces Lawsuit Over Huge Poker Debt

Legendary NBA player Paul Pierce, nicknamed “The Truth”, is being sued for $180,000, an amount he allegedly lost playing high-stakes poker games. The lawsuit was filed by a man named Stephen Carmona who claims that Pierce borrowed the colossal sum from him but never paid the money back.

Pierce Borrows $180K to Play High-stakes Poker

According to Carmona, Pierce came to his place when he was hosting a game of poker back in January. The former NBA player asked for a loan of $150,000 and promised to give the money back a week later. He participated in the game and lost $140,000, paying back $10,000 to Carmona immediately. However, the following week there was another poker game at Carmona’s home. Despite Pierce not having repaid his previous debt, Carmona lent him another $40,000. The Truth lost that sum as well. Carmona cl lodislot aims that he asked Pierce to pay him back numerous times but the former Boston Celtics player never did. Carmona is now suing the basketballer for the debt amounting to $180,000 plus interest. So far Pierce has not made any comments in regard to the allegations.

Split Opinions over the Poker Debt

Twitter has been buzzing with opinions regarding the case. Pierce fans are wondering how come a player who made $198 million during his 19 seasons in NBA needs to ask for money and are doubting the truthfulness of Stephen Carmona’s claims. It should be noted as well that the former NBA player’s net worth in 2021 was a whopping $70 million. Others voice opinions that the retired basketball player is probably broke and point out that he has been previously caught on camera playing poker, smoking cigars and frolicking with strippers. He has also participated in the World Series of Poker, which obviously means he is an avid poker player.

Yet Another Lawsuit

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This is not the first time that Pierce gets into trouble. In the last couple of years, he has been sued a few times. In 2018, there was a lawsuit against him where he was accused of calling a guard “racist” during a Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov fight. In 2020, he was sued as he refused to pay the employee that was responsible for building and managing his marijuana grow house, while in May this year he was taken to court due to an alleged cryptocurrency “pump and dump” scheme.