Ocala internet cafes shut down due to suspected illegal gambling

Undercover investigations into several internet cafes in Ocala, Florida have now resulted in the shutdown of four such establishments.

The cafés are supposed to operate games of skill but investigations completed by law enforcement have shown that games of chance were involved, meaning illegal gambling was taking place on-site. Officers completed raids at four such cafés this week, resulting in the shutdown of each facility and over 170 pieces of electronic equipment seized in the process.

The Ocala Police Department and the Unified Drug Enforcement Strike Team worked together to raid two internet cafés on Monday and two more on Tuesday. No arrests have been made as of yet but agents have taken computer equipment into custody, including gaming stations, computers, and monitors as well as thousands of dollars in cash.

According to officials of the Unified Drug Enforcement Strike Team, complaints were received from businesses and individuals about illegal activity taking place. Back in March, agents began undercover investigations within the cafés and were able to determine that games of chance were taking place instead of skill games. State officials were notified and search warrants were obtained.

Two of the four cafés in 7BALL volved were robbed recently and people have complained to police that they are concerned as to what type of people the facilities will attract. The four internet cafés involved in the raid include; The Room, Lucky Pearl, Richie’s Arcade and Midas Measure.

Officials of the Unified Drug Enforcement Strike Team have not stated if there will be more raids in the future. Agents did state that they will continue to investigate internet cafes.

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