REEVO Expands Aggregation Solution with RubyPlay

RubyPlay will now officially join REEVO’s aggregation system that features dozens of suppliers and thousands of games. REEVO is happy to welcome RubyPlay, which brings a catalog of more than 80 excellent games that are set to innovate the experience for players and give a significant boost to partner operators.

RubyPlay Gets New Ways to Connect with Global Audiences

REEVO’s aggregation platform offers one of the most streamlined customer journeys and ensures that partner operators can provide their players with a seamless experience. RubyPlay is onboarding with REEVO through a single API integration which is fast, quick, and makes it easier for operators in the B2B company’s network to gain access to the supplier’s products.

REEVO is similarly happy to consolidate its own position in the sector, having already reunited more than 70 providers and 8000 games under its roof. Similarly, REEVO is also crafting games of its own, as the company is also planning to add more than 60 suppliers to its aggregation platform in 2023. Commenting on this, REEVO head of sales Petra Maria Poola said:

Partnering with RubyPlay is another great stride for REEVO. We are truly honored to onboard RubyPlay, and together, we aim to offer a diverse selection of captivating slot games and content, contributing to an enriched gaming experience for our operator partners and players alike.

REEVO head of sales Petra Maria Poola

Dr Eyal Loz, CPO at Ruby Play, was similarly excited about the ph646 opportunity to see the company integrate with REEVO. This partnership will undoubtedly allow the supplier to significantly scale its offer globally thanks to REEVO’s long list of partner operators, Loz added.

“By integrating our innovative slot games and value-add tools into REEVO’s aggregation platform, we are poised to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience to a broader audience,” Loz explained. Together with REEVO, RubyPlay is set to revolutionize the iGaming industry.

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REEVO has indeed been keeping busy, with the company adding a series of prominent suppliers to its offering. Amongst the most recent additions are brands such as Endorphina, AvatarUX, and Turbo Games, all of which are innovators in the iGaming space.

AvatarUX and Turbo Games have both been focused on developing innovative games, such as crash, mines, and plinko to differentiate their offer and bring audiences around the world a brand new form of entertainment.