SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator Powers Cleopatra Group Casinos

Developer of online gaming solutions SOFTSWISS announced today it has been chosen to deliver its Jackpot Aggregator solution across the entire Cleopatra Group of casinos.

Powering an Entire Online Casino Estate

The deployment of the innovative solution developed by SOFTSWISS and aimed at player retention marked the first time the Jackpot Aggregator powered an entire casino group to allow players at all six Cleopatra online casinos a chance to win the jackpot.

Commenting on the development, Cleopatra Group outlined its continuous effort to enhance the gaming experience of its players, excited to present them with jackpot campaigns run by a reliable partner such as SOFTSWISS.

“We are confident that working with the SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator will bring significant results for our players and us,” the statement continued, highlighting the high-quality support the casino group has been receiving “right from the start” of this new col lodi777 laboration which ensured that the launch of these campaigns was very quick and smooth.

Operating six fully regulated online casinos, including the well-known Cleopatra Casino, Paradise Casino and Bitcoincasino, Cleopatra Group has been famous for its variety of themes and games, engaging storylines and regular updates, as well as a wide range of bonuses and excellent customer service since the launch of its first online casino in 2017.

Communication Contributed to a Speedy Launch

“Running a campaign for the entire casino group is an exciting experience with a high level of responsibility, and we are delighted that it is going extremely well,” said the head of SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator, Aliaksei Douhin, highlighting that the launch covering the entire online casino estate of the group “was speedy due to the great communication” between the parties.

Developed by SOFTSWISS as a player retention tool, the Jackpot Aggregator is a multi-functional solution aimed at attracting new players to online casinos, and its launch with Cleopatra casinos is expected to boost player retention rates by providing players with new and exciting gaming experiences.

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The Jackpot Aggregator has been recently improved to support jackpot campaigns for play using a wide range of cryptocurrencies and jackpots on sports betting platforms.

Outside of jackpots, SOFTSWISS is continually upgrading its game aggregator offering, entering into partnerships with game developers worldwide, with MGA Games and Live Solutions being among the developer’s latest partners.

In December, SOFTSWISS partnered with MGA Games to help it expand its reach with new gaming audiences, and a month later, Live Solutions joined the group of SOFTSWISS partners via a similar deal.