Torte de Lini Joins GG.BET as an Ambassador

GG.BET, an online betting platform with pre-match and live markets, announced a new keystone partnership with Torte de Lini, a famous Dota 2 character guides creator.

Torte de Lini Is a Famous Guidemaker

Michael Yossef Cohen-Palacio, better known as Torte de Lini, is a famous creator of character guides for Dota 2’s varied roster of characters. Thanks to the creator, countless players across the world have learned how to play the game and make the most out of their heroes.

Many notable esports professionals have admitted to having used Torte de Lini’s guides to become better at the game. Even Dota 2’s creators themselves have benefitted from the guide master’s insights and have used his content as a point of reference to improve Dota 2.

Torte de Lini’s prominence in esports makes the current deal especially exciting for GG.BET. The platform, which is designed to appeal to esports bettors, will now be able to engage esports enthusiasts with content from Torte de Lini himself.

Under the agreement with the online operator, Torte de Lini will produce a series of guides and in-game tutorials for the operator. He will also participate in various analytical shows and will work side by side with GG.BET’s team on exclusive Dota 2-centered content.

GG.BET will furthermore launch a new series of podcasts featuring the expert. During these streams, Torte de Lini will provide Dota 2 fans with more insight into how he makes his guide and will talk about his work as a professional esports analyst.

GG.BET Is Glad to Have the Expert Analyst on Board

Dmitry Voshkarin, GG.BET’s chief executive officer, welcomed Torte de Lini and said that the operator’s team is excited to work with him.

Ask any Dota 2 player how they go about boosting their game, and you’ll definitely be hearing about Torte de Lini guides and long hours of training. 

Dmitry Voshkarin, CEO, GG.BET

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Voshkarin said that he is sure Torte de Lini is one of the favorite guidemakers of the majority of competitive Dota 2 players, professionals and amateurs alike. He has been a great part of the Dota 2 community and is one of the biggest contributors to the professional Dota scene. By welcoming the guide specialist to i bet646 ts list of partners, GG.BET demonstrates its willingness to continue investing efforts in supporting the Dota 2 scene.

Torte de Lini also talked about the agreement. He thanked GG.BET for its commitment to the Dota 2 community and said that he believes the operator truly shares his passion for the game. He said that he is excited to work closely with the esports betting company to provide additional value to the game.