Turbo Fortune: Real Dealer’s Fast-Paced Money Wheel

Real Dealer Studios, a game studio that mixes online gaming with moviemaking magic, has unveiled a new fast-paced game. Namely, the studio will launch Turbo Fortune as part of its beloved Fortune Finder series of money-wheel games. What’s special about the new title is that it’s much faster-paced than the rest of Real Dealer’s games.

Engaging Experience at a Faster Pace

The Fortune Finder series is already popular for its 80s aesthetic paired with beautiful animations that engage players as much as participating in a real show would. Just like the rest of the series, Turbo Fortune offers big multipliers, allowing players to win amazing prizes. However, the new title is much more gameplay-oriented. For example, Turbo Fortune will not feature a presenter. Instead, the game will focus on quick betting and autoplay, allowing people to experience faster rounds and thus play more.

The new game will keep the beautiful retro aesthetics fans love while. At the same time, it provides quick rounds that are much more suitable to the contemporary audience. This way bettors don’t have to wait before spinning the wheel once again for another shot at the big prizes. Turbo Fortune will retain the sense of thrill all of Real Dealer Studios’ titles have but will also incorporate an autoplay function for those who are too busy to actively play.

In addition, Turbo Fortune will retain Real Dealer’s signature compound multipliers, allowing participants to earn amazing prizes. When players land on special multiplier squares on the wheel, the game’s multiplier will increase by 2x or 7x. It should also be mentioned that these multipliers can stack and lucky Turbo Fortune players can significantly grow their prizes.

The Studio Values Its Players’ Time

Shane Cotter, the chief product officer of Real Dealer Studios, spoke about the new release. He said that Turbo Fortune seeks to capitalize on the current popularity of Real Dealer Studios’ games. In Cotter’s words, Turbo Fortune’s development saw the studio take its “winning concept and put it firmly in the fast lane.”

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Cotter explained that he recognizes how busy some online players can be. Since Real Dealer Studios values its users’ time, it wanted to launch a game that suits the needs of such bettors.

In an age where time is an increasingly valuable commodity for online casino players, we’re sure this streamlined version of an established Real Dealer classic is go ufa888 ing to prove a phenomenal success.

Shane Cotter, CPO, Real Dealer Studios

Cotter concluded that he can’t wait to see Turbo Fortune make its way into online operators’ game lobbies over the coming weeks.

The release of Turbo Fortune comes a month after Real Dealer Studios launched Scarab Auto Roulette, a cinematic roulette game with an Egyptian theme.