United States iGaming giants partner up on new responsible gaming initiative

Some of the most prominent online casino and sportsbetting operators in the United States have reportedly announced that they are teaming up in the country’s first industry-led campaign to raise responsible gaming standards.

The group encompassing DraftKings Incorporated, Bally’s Corporation and FanDuel Group used an official Thursday press release to detail that the new operation is due to push compliance with twelve guiding principles derived from four core beliefs. The group, which also includes the BetMGM-branded service of American casino operator MGM Resorts International and British iGaming behemoth Entain, explained that this drive comes as the nation’s online sportsbetting market is experiencing unprecedented growth following the 2018 revocation of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA).

Essential ethics:

The association declared that the central values of this fresh movement involve a belief that iGaming operators should ‘participate only in legal markets that provide consumer protections’ while striving to ensure that the domestic online gaming scene is ‘enjoyed as a form of entertainment.’ The collection stated that these principles moreover embrace a drive ‘to instil responsible gaming culture throughout our respective businesses’ alongside a commitment to provide a range of tools to anyone who may be seeking extra help and support.

Admirable aim:

The six enterprises are publicizing their twelve principles as the United States celebrates a September the American Gaming Association (AGA) has designated Responsible Gaming Education Month and went on to pronounce that these should now be seen as ‘an industry benchmark’ for anyone offering iGaming to those in North America’s most populace nation. The sextet furthermore asserted that its new values include a commitment to actively ‘prevent underage and excluded individuals from participating in any form of gaming’ in addition to providing consumers ‘with informed choices about gaming’ via understandable and research-backed tools.

Communications considerations:

Along with these and the group noted that its campaign will involve the establishment of a free nationwide responsible gaming telephone service in conjunction with a long-running commitment to only utilize ‘socially responsible advertising’ not featuring ‘imagery that might entice minors in its marketing content’. The six stated that these are joined by a pledge that they will take ‘a sh ufa800 ared responsibility approach to addressing problem gaming’ alongside a promise to work with a wide range of academics, researchers, advocacy and consumer groups, policymakers, treatment organizations and other partners ‘to promote responsible gaming and address problem gaming’.

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Ongoing obligations:

Stephen Martino (pictured) serves as the Chief Compliance Officer for MGM Resorts International and he used the press release to declare that the collaboration is to also see the six launch a range of employee training efforts while ‘continuously monitoring operators’ respective responsible gaming programs and initiatives’ as part of an effort ‘to ensure their compliance with applicable standards.’

Read a statement from Martino…

“Responsibility has long been a core value at MGM Resorts International and guides our leadership in the industry and it’s vital for responsible gaming to be reflected in everything that bears our name. Having the industry come together with a unified approach and standards puts the best interests of our guests, customers and their families at the forefront. It’s the right thing to do for our customers, our industry and our businesses.”